Sep 23

“MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented NoSQL database. It features document-oriented, JSON-based document storage and dynamic schemas providing simplicity, power and flexibility, combined with full indexes similar to what a traditional RDBMS user would expect. MongoDB also provides solid replication & high availability features as well as an auto-sharding system for transparent horizontal scalability. This talk introduces MongoDB for developers who aren’t familiar with it, and discusses various integration points for MongoDB & the JVM including Spring’s “Spring Data” component for MongoDB, the Morphia Object Mapper for Java, MongoDB’s Scala Drivers (Casbah, as well as a new experimental Asynchronous driver called “Hammersmith”), Akka Durable Mailboxes, the Salat Object-Document mapping system for Scala, and MongoDB’s Hadoop integration.
Brendan maintains and supports the Java driver, as well as providing support for alternative JVM languages. He is currently developing a Hadoop integration plugin for MongoDB. Brendan’s open source work related to MongoDB includes contributions to MongoKit, a Python object mapper for MongoDB as well as the creation of beaker_mongodb, a MongoDB persistence layer for the popular Python-based Beaker caching system. Brendan also created Casbah, a Scala toolkit for MongoDB. He is currently spending his spare time working on Hammersmith, an alternative asynchronous & non-blocking Scala driver for MongoDB.”

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Sep 18

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