Sep 28

“Doctor Who is the world’s longest running science-fiction TV series. Battling daleks, cybermen and sontarans, and always accompanied by his trusted human companions, the last Timelord has saved earth from destruction more times than you’ve failed the build.
Neo4j is the world’s leading open source graph database. Designed to interrogate densely connected data with lightning speed, it lets you traverse millions of nodes in a fraction of the time it takes to run a multi-join SQL query. When these two meet, the result is an entertaining introduction to the complex history of a complex hero, and a rapid survey of the elegant APIs of a delightfully simple graph database.
Armed only with a data store packed full of geeky Doctor Who facts, by the end of this session we’ll have you tracking down pieces of memorabilia from a show that, like the graph theory behind Neo4j, is older than Codd’s relational model.”

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Jul 19

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Jun 16

“Graph Databases can solve problems that your normal database struggle with. These can be hard problems, and not all of them were mentioned as graph problems in your CS classes. Using a Graph Database correctly can save the day, and make you look like a super star among your peers. Find out what a Graph Database can do for you. You might not have a classic «graph problem», but a Graph Database might still be a good solution for your data. Learn what problems Graph Databases solve, how to use one, and most importantly when to use a Graph Database. All of this with concrete examples using the Neo4j Graph Database. With this talk, we want to show you what kinds of data are at the sweet spot of Graph Databases, how to structure your database to reap the benefits of graphy data, teach you how to know when to use a Graph Database, and the fundaments of how to do so, show you real application examples on the Neo4j Graph Database.”

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