Sep 27

“What makes programming enjoyable and what makes it into a chore? What experience does experts in the fields have of fun projects and how can you make your everyday work more fun? Should we fire all architects and project managers? Or do developers just need to grow the **** up?
These questions and others will be discussed by our experienced panel of top notch programmers both from Norway and abroad.
The panel will consists of the following:
* Bodil Stokke of CoffeeScript fame from JavaZone 2011. She is suspicious of everything that sounds like enterprise talk, like “Java” and “Agile”
* Christin Gorman is a hands-on developer with no authority but strong opinions. Her lightning talk from JavaZone 2011 was the most watched video from JavaZone
* Kevlin Henney is a software development trainer and consultant and popular conference speaker. He was the editor for “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know”
* Marcus Ahnve is a team leader, architect and Agile coach for Valtech. He speaks at JavaZone about how the software development lifecycle needs to include death.
* Roy Osherove is a coach who specializes in Agile and Lean team leadership who often sings during his presentations. He recently moved from Isreal to Norway. You can read his thoughts at and at twitter @royosherove”

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Sep 21

Have you ever tried to write a moderately complex browser side application with the assumption that jQuery is probably all you need for the job? I mean, fire off some AJAX requests, then just use some DOM manipulation to put the results where you want them—how hard can it be, right?
Would you have enjoyed maintaining the code that resulted from that assumption? No, neither would I.
Would you like to see a better solution?
As it turns out, programmers have known how to keep their frontend code under control for a while using a surprisingly simple principle called MVC. Now that the browser has suddenly become a serious platform for application development, the need for MVC (or, at least, the basic concepts behind MVC) has become so apparent that we already have multiple rival MVC libraries for the browser platform. Backbone is arguably the most popular of the lot, and certainly one of the most lightweight.
In this presentation, you’ll learn how to harness the power of Backbone by example, as we build a simple browser side application from the bottom up using nothing but Backbone and your favourite DOM toolkit.

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