Jun 16

“The past few years or so has seen a resurgence of interest in functional programming. In addition, some functional language features are finding there way into imperative languages. Why is this? There are couple of reasons; firstly, functional languages are well suited to certain problems. Secondly, functional languages have features that can help the developer to take advantage of the current and future generations of multi-core computers. This presentation aims to provide you with insights into what Functional programming is and show you how functional languages can help you develop software that takes advantage of multi-core machines. This presentation will use Scala (scala-lang.org) to demonstrate the concepts that will be introduced.”

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Jun 16

“Refactoring is a skill all modern developers need. In this presentation we’ll take a deep dive into refactoring, starting with what problem refactoring solves, before moving on to look at some refactoring patterns and finishing with a look at tooling and why we should use a refactoring tool. Throughout this presentation there will be many code examples demonstrating the patterns and topics being discussed”

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written by Krzysztof Kędziorski \\ tags: ,

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