Jun 12

“Agile practices don’t come from nothing. The reason they work is because there are other actions which we do every day which resemble them, and they work as well. During the speech I’ll give you some stories from my life and show how they map to agile practices. I’ll show you how observing and learning from great ideas from other fields than software can help in becoming a better developer. I’ll touch the subject of software craftsmanship and why it makes a difference.

Paweł Lipiński is a programmer, architect, team coach. For the last
couple of years he worked as a software and system architect, mainly
with enterprise projects. Currently he works at Pragmatists (being
it’s owner by the way) – a company based in Poland, Warsaw – dealing
with services for development teams (coaching, training, leading of teams), helping with ‘death march’ projects and creation of software using agile methods. He is a Certified Scrum Practitioner and possesses countless technical certificates mainly from Java and JEE land.”

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